Future Top Prospects’ is a state-of-the-art indoor baseball training center located in Jacksonville, FL. Our athletes train in all mental and physical aspects of the game and often go on to earn college scholarships. We’ve developed a world-class team of professional coaches to help you advance to the next level of play in your favorite sport.

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How are we different?

  • Science
    Our systematic, scientific program is designed to account for biological age, chronological age, and training age for each athlete. We provide a Training Readiness Profile that includes a Functional Mobility Screening in order to devise a safe and effective training strategy.

    Our philosophy is to sprint for strength and lift for speed.

  • Experience
    Our coaching staff have participated in sports at the elite levels, not only in baseball, but also football, wrestling, tennis, and the US Marines. We understand the physical and mental components of every level of the game. The FTP coaches also stay up-to-date on certifications, and new training and physical rehabilitation approaches.

  • Testing
    As part of our routine training program, we regularly update each athlete’s Training Readiness Profile and chart his or her progress. We look at real numbers to inform us of the effectiveness of our training.

  • Safety
    We have not had an injured athlete since 2002. We train our athletes in proper warm-up, cool-down, conditioning, and self-care practices so that no one is injured in our program.

  • Results
    Over the last 12 years our athletes have dropped 2/10th off their 60 yard dash, gained 20 lbs of lean muscle mass, and have only sprinted 10-15 yards in training. Our program works.

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