Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive year-round program for athletic development program specifically for youth aged athletes. We will provide world-class training using innovative technology, power-speed-strength training and the importance of body care to assist clients to reach their highest potential.

About Future Top Prospects

FTP has created a professional athletic training and development program. We use the form and technique of athletic weightlifting taught by USA Weightlifting to help significantly increase strength, power, explosion, quickness, speed, and velocity from one year to the next. We want to train and develop Future Top Prospects by showing young players what a professional athlete goes through year-in and year-out in preparing himself for each season. We want to teach kids how to train every day to maximize their athletic potential as well as reach their goals and dreams.

We specifically created this year-round professional athletic training program to give parents and student-athletes a much better alternative to just playing the game year round. Parents wind up throwing away thousands of dollars each year on travel leagues and private instruction yet are not getting anything in return for their investment. They find out that after all the money they have spent they never received any athletic development. Please understand that it is impossible to become a better all-around athlete by only playing or practicing in games all year long.

Our goal is to train athletes based on their individual stage of development. We want athletes who are physically literate, who know how to warm-up and cool down, how to eat, sleep, handle life issues, who can communicate with their coaches how they feel physically and mentally, and offer valuable input to the training process. There are physical parameters that we want our athletes to attain. We feel these standards are indicative of a top-level athletes at the Middle school Level, Varsity Level, College Level or Professional Level. Becoming a Trained athlete is a process. Our first step is to determine where an athlete is in that process.

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