Athletic Development Training

Future Top Prospects’ (FTP) Athletic Development Training (ADT) is the first professional sports training of its kind for middle school, high school and college-age student-athletes who are dedicated, hard-working, and want to play sports at their next level. Through physical and character development, our ADT program can help our athletes earn college scholarships, or potentially be drafted to professional teams.

To help us achieve our goals, FTP has partnered with highly-esteemed and longtime USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach Joe Hanson, formally of the Athlete Development Center, (ADC). Through this partnership, FTP is now Jacksonville’s most advanced strength and conditioning gym dedicated to athletic development and sports performance.

Through our extensive experience and research, we believe in training athletes in agility, balance, and coordination first in order to achieve maximum power, strength, and speed. We use age-appropriate training techniques focusing on each individual’s physical fitness, aptitude, and attitude. Our coaches want to develop physically and mentally sound athletes.

Our fundamental philosophy is to put God, family, country, and education before sports. Focusing these priorities provides direction and strength, the cornerstones of good character. We teach our athletes to have integrity in their daily actions, commit to personal improvement and helping others, and to have the courage to overcome challenges and obstacles in their lives.

FTP is passionate about sports, and helping student-athletes advance in the game.

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ADT Program Pricing

$129 2x/week/month

$155 3x/week/month

$199 Unlimited